The company "Farbex" was founded in 1989 and is a company one hundred percent of the Polish capital. From the beginning we have been distributing paints, tiles, teracotta and construction materials. We are one of the largest distribution companies in Poland.


As a person who has permanent residence outside the European Union  you are eligible to demand a refund of the Value- Added Tax, if you are exporting the purchased goods bought in our shop in an untouched condition outside the European Union.

A refund of the Value- Added Tax is vested only to tourists who do not have a permanent residence on the territory of the European Union and are a private person.

The minimal sum of purchased goods including the Value- Added Tax, on one TAX FREE document with an attached copy of the receipt, which entitles to a refund of the Value-Added Tax, is 200 zł. For purchases under the above mentioned amount a private person is not entitled to a tax refund. 

The seller issues the customer a special TAX FREE document with  the buyers name which together with the receipt confirms the purchase. The date on the document and receipt have to be the same.

The goods have to be exported from Poland by the end of the third month which is after the month in which the goods were purchased. If the goods are exported after this period  the private person will not be entitled to a tax refund.

The goods have to be exported in an untouched condition without a sign of even partial usage. The original packages cannot be opened.

The export of goods to a different country ( outside the EU) has to be confirmed by the Customs Service on a TAX FREE document by a stamp with a special number.

The Customs Service confirms the export of goods on the mentioned document  after the tourist shows the exported goods and the accuracy of data on the above mentioned document with the data in the  passport is checked.

The lack of Customs Service stamp unables the tax refund.

Purchase goods in our shop, ask the shop assistant to issue the TAX FREE document and make sure your name, surname, address (outside EU) and passport number are appropriately written on the TAX FREE document  as well as if the receipt has been attached to the document. The date on the issued document has to be the same as the date on the receipt. Choose the way for the tax to be refunded – cash or money transfer. Remember that the TAX FREE document has to be issued to the person who exports the goods. ( Keep the document together with the receipt till the Value-Added Tax has been refunded).

The most important thing for the tax to be refunded is for the tourist to show the document issued by the seller on which the Customs Service confirmed the export of goods outside the EU. The tax is refunded  in Polish currency – zloty- in cash or money transfer done to the given account number.                                                                                                         

If you have chosen to receive the refund in cash, you have to get the money in the shop you bought the goods.

If you have chosen the money transfer and given your bank account number, you have to send the appropriate TAX FREE document to FARBEX K.Tarkowski i Wspólnicy Spółka Jawna  06-400 Ciechanów , ul . Pułtuska 63 . If you want to know exactly how much money you will receive from your tax refund ask the shop assistant when the TAX FREE document is being issued.

In Poland the Value- Added Tax refund regulation to tourists is regulated by the Act On Goods and Services Tax from the 11th of March 2004 Section XII  Chapter 6 , article 126-130 ( Law Journal from 2004, no 54, position 535 with later   changes) and executive regulations to the act.

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